Importance of Domain Name

By | July 18, 2017

Importance of Domain Name

Domain name makes your credibility:

To have your own domain name provides a professional touch to your respective business. Whenever any visitors visit your website, there is a higher chance of he or she will be going to look at your domain name and then only makes the first impression or opinion about the website. Furthermore, your domain name gives him or her idea that the company is well-established one.



Creating brand with your own domain name:

Suppose if you are having brand name or your company named added in your domain name, it is useful for strengthening your brand value. It will effectively bring awareness among the visitors about your brand. Always remember that your brand name moves with visitors and gets transformed to other people whenever your respective visitors are talking about it among their own relatives and friends.

Modified and multiple email addresses with your own domain name:

One of the importances of domain names is that with your registered domain name you can make your own personal email address. Additionally, you can also have the flexibility to make several emails for your numerous department and functionality of yours organizations.

With the help of several emails you can sorted out your mails automatically which will decrease response back time. And also your visitors feel more confident and convenient to deal with you because they are having awareness about what they are dealing directly with the organization and not by a channel.

Domain name gives your portability on the Internet:

Whereas you have your respective website is operating under your own domain name then you have more portability to perform your website to any web host as you prefer. Suppose if you are sharing somebody’s domain name then you are not able to take the domain name along with your respective site. You will need to create the new domain and during this process there is a high chance to lose your visitors; so you will have to begin building your traffic once again.

In contrast to it while you have your own respective domain name you can still keep your site with its actual domain name and can move your domain name from one domain registrar to other one, and also further from one web host to other one.

Search engines giving value to websites with their different domain names

Search engines gives a higher value to domain name and prefers to those websites which have their unique or different domain name as compared to those that are sub domains or a part of an another domain name such as when you obtain your website launched with a free web hosting. Though some search engines gives more priority to your home page rather than other pages and when you have your own home page operating under your own domain name it is likely to obtain a great ranking. With the free web hosting, the home page for that website secures the tremendous attention, while your page can only be found for content of your page.

Basically, you own the home page with the free of cost domain site is actually the home page of sub domain when your web hosting’s home page is the actual homepage for that particular domain name. Your own domain name, however useful you to obtain the free of cost search engine traffic, which is an essential for your online success.

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