What are the Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom?

By | June 23, 2017

Podcasting in the classroom is regarded as the prevailing trend. Nowadays, many schools are choosing to utilize podcasting in their classroom because it encourages learning through creative method and open lines of communication.

Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom which are following:

  1. One of the important benefits of using podcasting in the education, especially among young students and teachers is that this medium effectively encourages educators and young students to work mutually for achieving the task of creating the podcast. As all knows that teamwork is vital in the business world, and by learning this skill at an early age about working jointly as the team, definitely young students will have benefits in the later period.
  2. Another benefit of adopting podcasts in education is that you can utilize several learning styles in a single format. Actually, each and every individual learn in different manner, so some people can learn by reading, some learn by hearing, whereas some are learning via doing.

By implementing podcasts in education the teachers can unite all three types of learning methods into one format; this will be useful to educate a vast range of student.

For instance, you can unite the learning and hearing learning methods by giving somebody lecture about the science subject task and the students should follow the instructions and complete the project.

Furthermore, the lecture and gradually instructions can also be included to the podcast if the educator is using video podcasting rather than the audio podcasts.

Podcasting in the Classroom

Children using computer

  1. To adopt podcasting in the education can also be useful to engage our children in active learning. By utilizing podcasts the students can be involved in creating the podcasts or they can communicate with the podcasts and also that can create fun and enjoying learning atmosphere. Generally, anyone can be seems to be learned more when they are experiencing fun in that, which can lead to a great test scores or marks because a wide knowledge will be possessed by more children.
  2. The podcasting can also be utilized in a higher education through online learning course or else general use in the classroom. The podcasting is considered as the best way to deliver lectures on almost anything, so that online students can be easily downloading but still obtain benefits from hearing the lecture, it is entirely different reading the lecture and hearing what the lecturer has said.

Suppose if you have series of lecturers that you would like to give your class but the present schedule only enables you to deliver two or three, making an ongoing podcast is the best method to add your extra lectures

  1. The Podcasting in education is also a great tool to impressively improve the students’ critical analysis and reflection skills. With the help of podcasting the teachers can deliver content more thoroughly then they can just simply providing lectures or else showing slides. Thanks to the podcast you can have students’ interaction which includes such as sound effect or music that will be helpful to increase the learning experience.
  2. One of the essential benefits to use podcasting in education is that the students can increase their creative skills. Now they will no longer stick to use poster board and writing paper for their oral reports. By allowing the students to use podcast they can include elements into their oral reports, which were not possible earlier.
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